Linux Lover \ rails enthusiast \ learning python

About Me

Shalil Awaley


geek by nature, Archlinux user by choice

believe in Freedom including Freedom to make mistakes and learn from it

Emacs Addict
Linux Expert
Opensource Lover
Rails Enthusiast
Software Engineer

Winner of Ncell App Camp in Tourism from "Team Lipi" [Dec 11, 2014]
First Prize in Leapfrog Hackathon for "3D Visualization" [Jun 1, 2014]

I also write some tech. blogs as guides, so that others dont suffer the same problems that i did.

I am available for hire.


I can help you with

Web Apps Developemnt

Of course a rapid web development with Ruby On Rails. And with TDD of course.


All those devops thing to host ruby frameworks like Rails, sinatra, and python frameworks like django, flask and bottle.

Web Consulting

Especially e-commerce sites.

Develop Gems

Develop custom gems for ruby including extensions for libraries like spree and others.

Jquery Plugins

Want a custom jquery plugins, for example a jquery ui plugin of your desing. Contact now.

Web Crawling

I can crawl any site that is crawlable

Recent Project

This is an awesome user-friendlier drop-in replacement for the standard <select> with multiple attribute activated.


  • Free (under MIT license)
  • Works in an unobtrusive fashion
  • Fully open sourced
  • Keyboard support
  • Provides some callbacks
  • Fully customizable via CSS
  • Depends on jQuery 1.8+
  • Tiny code ~8kb minified
  • gem for Rails

Recent Blogs

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